Withings Home: Perfect for staying connected

Withings Home: Perfect for staying connected

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When we designed the Withings Home, we set out to create a beautifully designed product that would offer the best video and picture quality on the market.

The Withings Home camera’s superior resolution and the unfaltering stability of the video stream are just the beginning when it comes to Home’s favorite features. The recording capabilities truly set the Withings Home apart from the other cameras connected designed for remote video surveillance.


Travel back in time

panneau home in pocket

Upon installation and without paying a penny more, you’ll get a selective 2-day history: all the events detected in the past 48 hours, whether movement or noise, are automatically saved.You can view and download these photos and video from the free Home app.


Create your own timelapses

panneau timelapse

Who says you can’t stop time or speed it up? The Withings Home is proud to offer an exclusive timelapse feature allowing you to view the video footage from the past twelve hours in under one minute.Like what you see? The video file is available for a free download and easy to share with your friends and family. Want to send your friends reminders from that party last weekend? Download the timelapse video and share it as a parting gift!



A touch of “Health and Wellness”

panneau air quality

The Withings Home is more than an audio-visual link to your home. The Home is the first IP camera to come equipped with environmental sensors to monitor indoor air quality. Keep your family safe from outside danger, and harmful chemicals within. Sleep is a key element of health and it’s important to make sure your child is getting enough. With the Home, you can launch a lullaby and light program to help your baby fall asleep in the blink of an eye. We know you want your family to be happy, healthy and safe; Home is here to help.



Stay connected to your home

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