Getting Started With Your Withings Wireless Scale

Getting Started With Your Withings Wireless Scale

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Just bought a new Wireless Scale? Want to know how to make the most of it? You've come to the right place. Read on to learn about all the exciting features of your new connected scale.

Once you have gone through the process of pairing the scale to your phone or tablet, you will be ready to start tracking your weight. If your scale is still in the box? No problem. Here’s a video for iOS set up and here’s one for Android set up.

Once you are paired and you’ve got your Health Mate app, we’ve got tips to help you get started, followed by a video. So, if you’re not the reading type, just scroll down.

Step 1: Find a home for your scale. Your scale can live in the bedroom or the bathroom.

Step 2: Hop on the scale. Our position control technology will help you find the center for the most accurate reading. If your weight resembles that of another user, the screen will split showing both trigrams (the three letters you choose to identify users). Lean to the side displaying your trigram to signal which user you are and the data will register to your profile.

Step 3: The scale will display weight, body mass index, a local weather report, and steps from the previous day (if applicable).

Step 4: The results will be instantly and automatically updated on your Withings Health Mate account. Analyze your trends and track your progress.

What Health Mate can do for you:
-Set a weight goal
-Pick a target date
-Select a target date
-App will breakdown weekly achievable target and share inspiring messages and insights

Check out this video for more info.

So, have you taken the scale for a spin? Enjoying it? Any issues you
still need help with? Our customer service team is here for you.

Contact Withings Support. 

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