Introducing our New Activity Recognition Feature

Introducing our New Activity Recognition Feature

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Last summer, Withings launched the manual activity logging feature in Health Mate, which allows users to manually log over 30 different activities on top of the automatically detected running, walking, and swimming.

Since then, over 200,000 users have taken advantage of this feature, collectively logging over 1 million sessions, equivalent to over 109 years worth of activity logged!

Now, we’re excited to announce the next step in activity tracking. Starting with the next Health Mate update, your tracker* can learn your moves.

That’s right! Simply log an activity to teach your tracker how you move, and soon it will automatically recognize and log that activity for you.

To start, your tracker will now have the ability to detect and learn these 10 new activities: tennis, ping pong, squash, badminton, weights, basketball, soccer, volleyball, dance, and boxing, with more activity recognition coming soon.

So how exactly do you teach your tracker to learn your moves?

1. Manually log your activity

  • Perform any of the 10 newly supported activities while wearing your activity tracker. You will then see “New activity detected” on your timeline.
  • Save the session, choose which activity it was, and adjust the intensity. It will now appear in your timeline.
  • Repeat this process 2-3 times for each activity. This helps your tracker learn your specific moves, so it can automatically recognize them the next time around and detect the activity without you having to lift a finger!

Doing an activity not yet supported by automatic recognition? No problem. You can still log over 30 additional activities manually. Plus, each time you log your moves, you help the algorithm learn to recognize these activities, so that we can bring you more automatic activity recognition in the near future.

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2. Set a weekly goal

  • Each time you perform a new activity for the first time (whether it’s automatically detected or logged manually), you will see a congratulations screen in the Health Mate app.
  • From that screen, you can select ‘Set a goal,’ and set how many days per week you want to perform that activity, so you have some accountability.
  • Each time you reach any weekly activity goal, you’ll see a congratulatory animation in your timeline.

There you have it! Enjoy the new feature, and feel free to visit Customer Support if you have any questions.

*Pulse Ox does not support this feature

Rachel Glum

Rachel is a copywriter at Withings and a fitness enthusiast who enjoys long-distance running, strength training, and yoga. When she isn't editing or exercising, you can find her singing a cappella or cooking healthy vegan meals in her tiny apartment kitchen.
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